History and Traditions

Flower Festival History

The Flower Festival dates back to 1954, when the Festival of Roses was held in Ateneu Comercial of Funchal venue. Noticing that most islanders grew flowers led to the invitation to exhibit them in an event which ended with prizes being awarded to the best flowers. This exhibition/competition turned out to be a success, which continued under the name of the Flower Festival. In the late 1970s (1979), the Regional Tourism Office took the Flower Festival outdoors, integrating other ceremonials such as the Wall of Hope Ceremony, the Flower Festival Parade, floral competitions, floral window displays and gardens, musical performances and a variety of decorations.

Flower Festival Traditions

The Flower Festival is also a cultural event that intends to show other aspects of Madeira's culture, such as the creation of the beautiful flower carpets and also Madeira's traditional music and dances are presented through the performances by folk groups.

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